Frosted Pines Destined To Dream 

2017 Buckskin   AMHA - 233020   AMHR - 344461

Dreamy is a stunning stallion with a nice headset, good conformation and outstepping movement backed by a charming personality. It is our future goal to get this boy driving in the show ring. His sire is Buckeye WCF In Your Wildest Dreams (HOF) a gorgeous stallion that won many championships including the Julep Cup. He also is the 2013 Honor Roll champion level 1 over 30-34 stallions,  and Honor Roll champion AOTE Sr. Stallions over 30-34. His dam is Triple K Miss Buckeroo is a grand daughter of Boones Little Buckeroo and Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too! 

Triple K Miss Buckeroo 

Buckeye WCF In Your Wildest Dreams